Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michael's Clearance

Hi Crafters,

Michael's is having a fantastic cricut sale (it has started in a lot of places already but will officially begin Sunday Jan 9)

They had a bunch of the older carts on sale for 9.99. Gypsy is 50.00 (and the 5 cartridge download deal is still going), and the Create is also 50.00.

I picked up several carts for my friend over at Crafting with my Girls (she got several of my favorites and one I don't have...she's a great sharer :wink:)  I also got Wild West for myself.

I paid a little over 100.00 and got 5 cartridges and a create machine!

I hope you can find some good deals!
Happy crafting,


  1. The 2 in my area didn't have gypsy left, but I will keep saving my money and keep my eye out for sales.

    I will share my picture of my stuff later today on the board. They didn't have much left, but I got 2 carts and some other stuff.

    I will check your friend's blog out. I clicked on it and I loved the first card she made, so I will check it out

  2. My Michael's was all out of carts when I got there! :( I was really hoping for some good deals too.