Sunday, January 9, 2011

Craft nook

Hi Crafters,
I got my cricut about 2 years ago...little did I know what it would turn into!  I started with the personal and upgraded soon after to a create thinking I was done! Well, I am now the happy owner of a create, a cake mini, a cuttlebug, a gypsy and an expression!

As most crafters know organization is essential when it comes to this type of hobby! We live in an apartment and have a small office nook between our bedroom and kitchen.  When we first moved it in was used as an office/place for my husband to work on his audio engineering projects.  I would say about 6 months after getting the cricut he packed up his things and let me use the office (I'm not sure if he realized this was a permanent situation and one that would GROW into the small space hehe).

My sister works for the Girl Scouts and the local office is closing.  I saw this fantastic K&Co piece in the office over the summer and had inquired it but didn't have much luck.  Well, lo-and-behold she was able to nab it for me when they closed!  My wonderful husband went with me to pick it up and moved it in today.

I decided to snap some pictures of how the whole nook is oriented.
Here's a full shot. I keep my create ready to travel in the pink case to the left. The bookshelf is filled with craft books and supplies.  The K&Co piece is the cream colored piece to the right.

This is my art bin super satchel. I keep all my embossing folders, most of my cricut cartridges/handbooks/keypads, my edge punches, my clear stamps in cd cases, and my ink/glue/pens/stamp cleaner.  This makes it super easy to travel, but it is HEAVY!.

Here's the desk set up with the expression. The rolling drawers underneath have paint, buttons, stickles, punches, and other tools. My cuttlebug sits to the right (not pictured).  I have a letter/bill organizer that holds the cuttlebug plates and photos that need to be scrapped (to the right of the printer).

This is a close up of my new piece.  It did not come with the wooden dows on the top for the ribbon bu tit did have these white hooks.  I took two cake dows and rested them between two hooks with the ribbon on them.  My husband also drilled a hole in my ATG gun to hang on one of the hooks.  I like this piece because so many of my "no home" items now have a place.  It is missing a few plastic pieces to hold paper on the bottom so I filled it with my vinyl, contact paper, MS scoreboard, and card storage.  It's still not full on top with the hooks so we'll see what it holds next.  The bottom half has 4 shelves for 12x12 paper.  It's quite the piece! Organizing things is just the best feeling in the world!

Happy crafting (and organizing)


  1. I really like this space. That piece you got I like and I love that pink tote.