Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Favorite Cartridges

Hi Crafters,

Here is my Top 10 Cartridge List:

10.Camp Out- My husband is an avid outdoorsman.  This cart has some great camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor country life images.

9. Mini Monograms- This has some great font options.  They don't always match up but they are great for monograming and cake carriers.  I also use the scallop circle and square on this cartridge frequently.

8. Life's a Beach- We go to the beach every year, but even if you are not beach goers it is worthwhile.  It has a great tiki hut font.  It also has some great summer time images and phrases as well.

7. Paper Doll Dress Up- I will be honest and tell you I have never used this one to actually cut a paper doll! I got this and kept it purely for the extras on this cart.  It has lots of great accessory items hidden within the buttons.

6. George and Basic Shapes- I am not super crazy about the font on this one but the basic shapes on this one are great!  It comes with the standard circle, square, rectangle, but it also has some rounded edges and some funky shapes too.

5. Plantin School Book- 1 word...Endcaps! I use this creative feature the most on this cart.  It's great for tags or when you don't quite have enough time to place a bunch of letters. 

4. Storybook- Great fonts and gorgeous flourishes.  The plainer font is great for either gender but it has a swirly embellished font that is great for the feminine flair!

3. Give a Hoot- Great animals and flourishes

2. A Child's Year- Oh I could go on and on... First let me say I do not have children and still this is one of my favorites!  First, the silhouettes on this cartridge are beautiful.  They really paid attention to detail with these images down to the outline of the shoes and hem lines on clothes. This also has a great every day font.  It's not the typical "times new roman" but it works for just about anything.  Lastly, this cartridge has great extras as well (graduation cap for example).  If I am searching for inspiration for something this is probably my first stop.

1. Lyrical Letters- This is one I paid the most money for.  It was one of my first cartridges! This one has 7 great fonts (they are all very different).  It also has great extras for all the holidays and every day events in your life.

What are some of your favorites?

Happy Crafting,


  1. Thanks for letting me know your favorites. I get so confused and don't know which ones to get. Your #1 and #2 are on my list.

    I love Create a critter. I tend to fall back on that cartridge all the time.

  2. I love Camp Out too, but I do not have the others on your list (except for Plantin School since it came with my Expression). I sure do like Paper Pups, Walk in My Garden, Celebrations, and Joys of the Season. I just got some new cartridges for Christmas, so we shall what the new favorites become.

    Merry Christams,