Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let the Summer Festivities Begin

Hi Crafters,

This will be my last weekend crafting with only my create machine. was having a great sale on the holiday blue expression, they had it for $170!  I can't wait to get her in.  She should arrive sometime this week.
Meanwhile we had our last day with the students on Friday which means my summer crafting schedule is officially kicked off!  I started it out with a bang and did a variety of projects.  This included breaking in my bind-it-all that my husband got me for my birthday.
I need to practice more needless to say.  I did learn a lot during this first round as I think one does with everything the first time you try it.  I made this little notebook to keep in my purse.  I always find I need a quick piece of paper.  This will do the trick.  The paisley cut is from Stretch Your Imagination and the scalloped circle is from Mini Monograms.

I made this for my brother in law who will be starting his freshman year of college this fall.  I really wanted to go all out with the vinyl and customize a dry erase board and more containers for him, but was afraid it would be too girly.  I toned it down with this and figured he could keep it in a drawer if he hated it.

I made this card for a friend who I know will have a hard week this week.  It's hard to tell but I used some glitter on the bird.  I ran it through the xyron machine and some of the glue webbed around the delicate swirls so when I applied the glitter it had an interesting effect.

This card is cut from Camp Out.  The inside will say "We hope you have a beary special Father's Day".  This is for my father-in-law.  I can't believe Father's Day is next weekend!
This is my last project for the day (I told you I was busy today)!  I apologize for the poor picture quality but it is difficult photographing glass and this is a round dish which made it an even bigger challenge.  I used contact paper to cut out the name then using the negative of the paper placed it on the glass.  I used the armor etch glass etching cream you can find at your local craft store.  I left the etching solution on for about 30 minutes and it left a great etching.  I did check on it and re-apply it to places that looked thin through out the 30 minutes.

More projects next week!

Happy Crafting,


  1. I love that little book!! I may NEED a bind it all now!! lol The bowl is great too!


  2. Wow, you outdid yourself! Is that a coaster that you used for the cover of your little notebook? What a great idea! The laundry container is a great idea for a guy's college gift. I can't wait to see what you post next.

  3. Great projects! I love that little notebook. Hopefully Santa will bring me an expression and a few other things :)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with over the summer.

  4. Great projects! Love you little note book!

  5. love the laundry "bank"! so creative!