Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storage Solution and some Vinyl Action

Closed. Too lazy to zip it up but you get the idea. You can see the telescoping handle as well.
Side pocket with tabs great for pictures, cuttlebug folders, and cards.
Other side pocket. These little plastic containers are removable with handy velcro. Each top pocket is holding probably 5-6 cartridges and the bottom pocket holds the corresponding key pads.
More removable pockets. I don't have my machine sitting in here but I remove the pockets, put the machine in, and replace the pockets. Then put charger, paper trimmer, and tool kit on top. It does have a repositional divider here that I can put a few pieces of paper and my mats.

There has been a lot of buzz about the deal Big Lots is offering this weekend on their cricut create. Check your local listings but if I understand correctly the create will be on sale Sunday 2/14 and Monday 2/15 for 100.00 including the Don Juan cartridge that typically comes with the machine. I told a few folks over on www.thenest.com craft boards I would show my storage solution for this machine. I purchased this rolling tote from Michael's using a 50% off coupon. I believe it was around $30.00 by the time it was said and done. I debated back and forth about getting the offical cricut bag but do be honest I'm not a huge fan of cricut green (gasp I know).

This one also had some storage features that I really liked as well as described above.
This is a birthday gift for my best friend. If you happen to hop over here Surprise JK happy birthday!

I am slowly converting her to my paper crafting hobby! This will be her first tool in the collection. I used my cricut to cut out her monogram and give it a little more personalization. It is the sizzix texture boutique. It is a dry embossing tool that adds texture to paper and cardstock.

Happy crafting!

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