Monday, October 8, 2012

Gender Reveal Banner

Hi Crafters,
This is an exciting week for a co-worker.  She finds out on Tuesday the gender of her sweet baby.  I made her a banner for her classroom but since I don't know either I made it reversible. I used gender neutral colors for the ribbon and background.
The banner pieces are from Teresa Collin's Chic and Scary cart.

The font is from Opposites Attract.  A word to the wise... (you probably already thought about this but it took me a minute to figure all of it out) when you are making a reversible banner you need to reverse the word on the other side so it will read correctly.  The B is on the L, the O is on the R, the Y is on the I, and the ! is on the G.  I hope that makes sense.

Her students are so excited to find out what it is so this will be a fun way to add to the celebration.

Happy Crafting,

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