Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing Machine Cover

Hi Crafters,

I was able to enjoy a day off in honor of Martin Luther King,Jr today.  It was a very low key day filled with crafting.  I managed to get a few gifts done, which is always nice.

I also was able to get some personal crafting done as well.  My sewing machine came with a plain plastic cover that begged for some vinyl decor.  My husband jokes that even in old age we'll never forget our names because they are etched or vinyled everywhere hehe.  My sewing classes start in February and I can imagine that there will probably be others that have the same case I do.

The bird and branch are from Songbird and the monogram's letters are Opposites Attract and the frame is from Cake Basics.  I have always had 2 middle names, so when I got married I dropped my last name.  I love my name, unfortunately it does not make for an easy monogram!  I have finally come up with a solution that I like!

It makes a great addition to the craft counter!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Hi Jessica! 2 things: 1) What type of machine do you have? Mine has that same white case; it's a Viking Emerald. 2) My white case is BEGGING for a little birdie like that one. Can I buy one from you? Maybe purple? Name your price, if you're interested.