Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scrap Challenge

Hi Crafters,
I was on a card making roll today! I would like to get another box off to Operation Write Home in September because they are having a Birthday Challenge in honor of their "birthday" in September and want people to make and donate cards!  There are events going on all over the US if you are interested go check them out.

I pulled out my big folder of scraps and was determined to make ONLY scrap cards today.  I did not use any cricut on these but did lots of dry embossing with my cuttlebug, picked some great patterned, and used stamps for  my sentiment.  I came up with some great cards, but because I had so many I didn't set up my make-shift formal photo station (ie cream pillow case with a small canvas easel and blinds open on the floor by my sofa).  I did snap a few pictures of them "tucked" the proper way into their envelopes.  I was so excited to get my very own Operation Write Home stamp so I could help the lovely shippers save time and do what I could to help out.

Please be sure to click on the pictures so you can see them up close and get a better idea of the embossing.

The little bunny card that has the purple and gold card was inspired by my little sister. She just started her senior year at college and these are her university's colors (I made one for her too).  I think the sentiment for that cards is adorable, "Sending you sunshine and laughter".

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting,


  1. Nice cards!!! Thanks for stamping the backs too :) :) :)

  2. I love making cards with scrapbook paper! Do you use regular cardstock and fold it into a card shape, or do you use premade cards and decorate?

  3. I take a piece of 8.5x11 card stock and cut it in half then use patterned paper/embossed paper to embelish.