Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freezer Paper Ts

I have embarked on a huge endeavor. I am making freezer t's for my upcoming mission trip with my Youth Group. We are headed to Mescalero, New Mexico a week from Friday. Our theme for the week is "Reveal"

I purchased my freezer paper from Kroger's (Although I saw 2x as much for a little more money at Walmart the next day). This is not to be confused with wax paper. It is white and one side has a waxy finish.

I ripped sections of freezer paper then stuck it to the mat to cut it down

I used my cricut create on medium (3) speed, depth, and pressure. I put the wax side up and used the flip feature. Remember to type your word backwards so that when you peel it up and place it on your shirt it will read correctly.

Remember to save the center part of the letters (I needed to save the little center of the Es and A) I used a font that did not cut the center part of the R so I didn't have to save that since it was already attached.

I used Lyrical Letters and this is cut at 3 inches with the paper saver feature on.

I pre-washed all of the shirts.

Then I ironed on the decal and center parts of the letters.

Make sure you put the waxy side down when you iron. Also make sure you seal the edges well so the paint won't seep to other parts.

The freezer paper is much wider than what the create needed so I saved the scraps to put inside the shirt to prevent bleeding.

Next I painted since I wanted a fade effect I used 3 colors starting with white.
I used a foam brush with a dabbing motion rather than a painting motion.

Then I painted the periwinkle color

Then I used the navy blue on the bottom

I let it dry for 15-20 minutes and added a second coat and third later if needed. The lighter colored shirts did not need quite as much paint.

I couldn't wait for the black shirt to dry so I took a picture of one I did last night. You need to wait for the paint to dry completely before peeling the freezer paper off. I let the yellow shirt sit over night but I wait at least an hour after applying the last coat before peeling the paper off to "reveal" your design (sorry couldn't pass up on a theme joke).


  1. this is a great idea! they turned out well!

  2. ok, so I really want to try this but don't really know what "freezer paper is". You said it's not wax paper. Is it parchment paper? Where do I get it? With the wax/parchment paper? Is it called freezer paper?
    If you don't mind could you email me at:
    Thank you so much;)
    Pauline R.

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial! After reading this I decided to give it a go. I have pictures in my blog if your interested.

  4. How do these look after being washed?Please email me at