Friday, June 3, 2011

Freezer paper t upgrade

Hi Crafters,

I visited Old Navy last weekend and they had their classic t's on sale for $3.00 in a bunch of colors.  I picked up several thinking I freezer paper paint t-shirts from Michael's all the time...why not these?  It would be a step up from just a cotton shirt.  I admit I was nervous, but reminded myself that I only paid .50 more for this shirt than the Michael's shirts I typically do without many issues.

I found a design I liked on the Sweetheart cart and cut it at about 10 inches.  I ended up positioning it on the seam of the shirt with most of the design on the lower front portion.  I used some cuttlebug dies to weigh down the freezer paper, it tends to roll when you have larger pieces.  I then ironed it on a medium high setting.
I used tulip fabric paint I mixed this fantastic aqua color with a bit of white to tone it down and coordinate better with the blue shirt.
Let it dry and remove the freezer paper (I rushed mine a bit and had some slightly unfinished edges as a result).  I rocked it the next day to school.  I have plans to do the other shirts over the next several weeks. I have 1 more full day of school and 4 student half days/teacher half work days left! C'mon SUMMER TIME!

Happy Crafting,


  1. Wow!! Awesome!! Thanks for sharing ~ and here's hoping that you share pictures of the other Ts you embellish!!! :)

  2. I love this - I'm currently designing some graphics for custom Ts for my kids, so thanks for the info!

  3. very fun project love when those shirts are that price! This is on my list for the summer break as well (teachers need summer as well right!)