Saturday, May 29, 2010

Waiting on paint to dry

Hi Crafters,

I just finished painting a freezer paper t-shirt for tomorrow and thought I'd post a quick update.

For those gypsy users they did post an update for the gypsy software and firmware. Can I just say it's AMAZING?!
Click here for update download

A few features they have included with this update

  • Keypad feature labels (now you can see the names of the creative features for the cartridges)
  • Hide Contour (this is a fix if you don't want to cut the whole image, especially handy for layers)
  • Numbered Rulers around the mats
  • Photo feature (I'm not quite sure I want to load it up with pictures and take up memory but we'll see how this feature progresses)
  • Ease of switching files from DS to Gypsy and vice-versa
  • Faster load time
I'm sure I've forgotten something but I've been playing with it all morning and been enjoying the new features!

Happy Crafting,

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