Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bulletin Boards

Hi Crafters,

I spent the week before teachers returned working on bulletin boards at my school.  If you remember last year's post my principal purchased me a cricut to keep in my lab closet in exchange for doing most of the bulletin boards in the school hallways.  Here's what I came up with this year.
This one was hard to capture due to the lighting.  The title reads 6th grade...5th grade was so last year. It has advice for 6th graders.  The cart I used for this was Locker Talk.

This is Don Juan.  The pocket charts will be used for the weekly homeroom schedule.  Each grade has a different schedule for the week.

Opposites Attract.

I used Storybook for this board.  It is delightfully tacky with the orange, yellow, gold contrast.

I used Sports Mania for the silhouettes here.  I also used this great website Block Posters to create a large poster from a picnic file I created.

This is my FAVORITE board for the year so far.  Our school is divided into teams (think Harry Potter). Students can earn points throughout the year for various things.  This board will display the point standings.  Most of the font on this board is Opposites Attract. The 1st-4th are cut using end caps on Plantin.  Go team green!

Happy Crafting,

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