Friday, February 20, 2015

Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine Cover

Hi crafters,

I won't admit to you how long I've had this fabric...I also won't admit to you that I purchased it without a project in mind! I'm quite sure I'm the only crazy lady who goes to a fabric shop that is moving and buys fabric just because she likes it :wink:

My brother machine came with a cover which I appreciated very much! However, it was plastic and far too large to accommodate the arm on the embroidery unit. I used the original cover to collect measurements then I tweeked once I started assembling it because it was in fact too big. The front and back pieces I cut at 11.5x25.5 then on a 45 degree angle on one side. The side I cut at 11.5x12.5 to start then I trimmed down to about 10.5x11.5. The top piece I started as 12.5x30.5,  I tapered this piece so it could fit over the arm. It ended up being about 29 inches long and 10.5 wide at the top of the machine and 11.5 at the bottom.  These are VERY loose measurements I did a lot of pinning and taking the cover on and off to get a good fit.

This cover is much more pleasing to the eye and makes you think about temperatures that aren't sub zero! 
Happy crafting,


  1. I like this sweet, simple, and practical too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I will be making this cover soon!