Sunday, March 1, 2015

Grow to Learn Journaling Bible Illustrated Faith Colossians 1:10

Hi Crafters,

One of the things that I have always struggled with is my handwriting. I think some of it is the left-handedness but I just don't love it.  I've admired many of the journaling bible/illustrated faith members who can create different fonts and works of art that are stunning. I've looked at purchasing a few books that show how to illustrate your handwriting I just haven't taken the plunge.

This is where the cricut explore comes into play! I used a 03 American Crafts black pen on vellum to create this entry. You can include all the fonts you want including tweeking the size and letter spacing. Each line is a different text box which allowed me to really customize the look.

I used some stamps and watercolors for the background image. The vellum helped to disguise some of the imperfections.

I used my xyron 250 sticker maker to adhere the vellum to the Bible. I finished it off with a washi tab and a quick underline of the verse.

Thanks for stopping by,