Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gypsy Review

I caved and ordered from the HSN special this past week. I figured I would eventually be purchasing it anyway, may as well take advantage of the extras! I am fortunate to have an E at school and a create at home, so this was yet another justification for purchasing. I got the Don Juan cart, travel bag, and car charger (although I'm not convinced I would purchase that other wise, it was a nice bonus). I'm not so sure about the extra 500 bonus points. I did not upgrade my shipping and it came in 3 days!! I was so excited to have it to play this weekend.

I have a few "unique" needs with my gypsy. First I am a lefty and second I am a mac owner. These were 2 concerns but after some research I determined they wouldn't be a hassle. I was pleasantly surprised and did not have problems setting up for either of these. The Gypsy even remembers that you set it to left (even though the screen starts out upside down). I was glad I wouldn't have to change this setting every time I used it.

It did not take me long to register my machine and link my cart collection.

I have designed several things and created a birthday card for my husband. His birthday is Monday. I can't wait to show it to him.

Features I like:
Long battery life (I played for several hours)
Able to design from several carts at a time
Welding (as a mac user I didn't own DS)
User friendly
Can use stylus or finger to tap screen (stylus is better for small nudges/buttons but finger works in a pinch)

Features that need improvement:
Wish the blue light came on when charging and or turned off when finished
Some of the overlay buttons are difficult to see even with the magnify button so you have to put them on to the mat then zoom
I also wish that you could have a list of just carts that are linked. I really don't want to see the whole library. Also wish you could search on just carts you own or the whole library.

Over all I adore this machine. I can't wait to really get the hang of it.