Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to make a Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Sash

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I made a similar sash a few months ago for a friend.  I thought for this round I would make a picture tutorial.
I gathered up the supplies.  I used freezer paper for the stencil and a wide satin ribbon.  I used tulip soft fabric paint for the letters.

Using a die cutter or an exacto blade (tracing over a computer print out) cut out your letters. If using a die cutter I would suggest putting the freezer paper shiny side up and reversing the letters.  The capital letters are from Martha Stewart Elegant Cake cart and the lower case letters are from Opposites Attract.  The settings I use on the cricut are typically 3 speed, 3 pressure,and 3 depth.

Remove the letters from the mat but be sure to leave the insides of the letters.  I find leaving the centers on the mat until I am ready to place each one helps me remember where they go. Position the negative of the image over the ribbon.  Iron that on a acrylic setting on the iron.  Carefully put the centers of the letters in the correct spot and iron those in place.

Using a foam brush dab the paint (DO NOT USE A "painting" motion or it will bleed).  Go back over any thin spots.  Freezer paper doesn't stick to the satin ribbon very well so I find you can really only get 1 good coat.  I did have a little bleeding on this one and wonder if I would have used the not as shiny side if that would have helped.  Let the paint dry then remove the freezer paper.

 I used the Jolee's heatafix tool to add some gems to the letters.
You have a few options for finishing the ends.  If you are not a sewer melt the ends with a match so it won't fray then tie together or tie with tulle.  I sewed the ends together on this one and added some tulle to make it adjustable.

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  1. Jessica - that is just wonderful - what a fabulous idea. TFS